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If you spend more than five minutes with Roger Dreyer, you will undoubtedly wind up with a smile.   He has the uncanny ability to connect with someone instantaneously as he makes a gold coin appear out of your ear or accurately predicts the card you are thinking about from his deck.   Yes...magic has become second nature for Roger Dreyer and has allowed him the opportunity to delight strangers, develop long friendships, and build business well around the Globe.

Roger's grandfather introduced him to magic at age 11.  He was so intrigued that he began frequenting magic shops weekly to learn from magicians and buy the latest tricks.  After a short time with his obsession, Roger's father aptly set a limit and told Roger that he needed to earn his own money to spend on magic going forward.  This began Roger's career as a professional magician...and a businessman.  Magic inspired Roger to start Fantasma in 1988 and became a leading manufacturer of 3D holographic consumer goods.  Fantasma's unique approach to creative design caught the eye of many divisions of The Walt Disney Company and was asked to manufacture the commemorative watch for the anniversary of the movie Fantasia. Fantasma manufactured thousands of Disney watches and clocks, as well as creating collectibles for Warner Brothers, Sesame Street, King Features, the NFL, Universal Studios, and more. 

In 2001, Fantasma Toys, Inc. was formed and Roger was truly able to turn his passion for magic into a global enterprise as a leader in manufacturing high-quality magic sets for children of all ages.  Inspired by his incredible collection of  magic tricks and props, Roger was able to create innovative sets that preserved the classic art form of magic.

Magic changed his life and Roger wanted to do more to share with the public the powerful philosophies of magicians from Houdini to David Copperfield.  In 2006, He decided to open up the Magical Toy Experience and Houdini Museum at Fantasma Magic in New York City directly across from Madison Square Garden.  For most of its existence, admission was free so all could come, learn, and enjoy.

 Today Fantasma manufactures not only magic sets, but uses its magic creativity to manufacture leading slime and putty compounds, STEM magic science sets and even limited edition Houdini collectibles manufactured from the remnants from Houdini’s West 113th street original New York residence.

Roger is serious about bringing quality fun into the lives of children (and adults!).




Collecting is in his blood. 

It flows through his veins alongside the magic bug.

Roger Dreyer has always thirst for knowledge and has been a voracious reader his entire life. 


The combination of  the above primed him for becoming one of the most reputable experts and collectors of all things Houdini.  He has been interviewed on the History Channel, PBS, Smithsonian and many more top news shows.  He has been written about and quoted in the New York Times, TIME magazine, Daily News, and more.  Roger is a walking encyclopedia about Houdini and a renowned collector of his artifacts, props, and ephemera.  In fact, Roger is often consulted to evaluate the authenticity of Houdini pieces. Roger opened the Houdini Museum of NY in .

The Houdini Museum of NY was located in the heart of NYC across from Madison Square Garden and was listed as one of NYC's top museums.  It was touted as one of the city's coolest sights to see and even became a hot spot for celebrity birthday parties! The Houdini Museum of NY thrived for many years without Roger charging any admission fee in order for him to share his treasured collection with everyone.

With the pandemic shutting down Manhattan and Roger's unrelenting passion to keep magic alive, Roger moved his entire museum, now called HOUDINI REVEALED, to a private location thirty minutes outside of the city.  Here, he has been able to continue to offer private gatherings a magical and educational experience.

Now, Roger is bringing Houdini into the lives of millions more through the digital world of NFTs.  The magic of modern technology continues the legacy of magic's superhero.

See what is happening with Houdini Revealed NFTs!

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